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Ultimate Coaching Bundle for CANVA

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The Ultimate Coaching Bundle for Life Coaches, Mindset Coaches, Executive Coaches, Wellness Coaches, and anyone else who's looking to either grow their coaching practice or educate their audience on how to perform better and have a more productive mindset.

This bundle contains 9 different template kits with over 1300 templates (with a total value of $200 if bought separately) in total designed specifically for coaches - All Easily Editable and Brandable in Canva!

Here's What's Included:

  • COACH Stress and Anxiety Worksheets -
  • Coaching Slide Deck for CANVA -
  • Coaching Social Media Templates -
  • Coaching Template Toolkit -
  • Elegant Coaching Social Media Kit -
  • Elegant Coaching Workbook Creator -
  • Life Coach Print Maker for CANVA -
  • Coaching Logo Templates CANVA -
  • Step-By-Step Coaching Carousel CANVA -


✅ 1300+ Templates Included ✅ 9 Different Template Kits (social media, workbooks, slide decks, ready-made coaching templates, etc.) ✅ ALL Easily Editable in Canva (some also in AI/IND or PSD - see product details) ✅ Easy to Add Your Own Branding

Example of Use:

01. Create new coaching-related social media content in record time ( using "Elegant Coaching Social Media Templates" content is already included in the social media templates) to attract new leads.

02. Put together a Self Coaching Workbook (using Elegant Coaching Workbook Creator) that you can offer in exchange for an email. You can also create free prints using "Life Coach Print Maker" that you can use to attract new leads. All this helps you grow your email list!

03. Create a premium coaching program using (The coaching Template Toolkit + Coaching Slide Deck) that you can offer to your growing email list!

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