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Photography Client Onboarding Kit

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Are you a photographer? What do you do when a potential client sends you an inquiry and wants to know more about how you operate and what kind of packages you offer? With these templates, you can avoid all the back and forth via email and put together a comprehensive package that introduces your offerings, the pricing points, and what the potential client can expect from your photography services. All this will help you set yourself apart from your competition AND saves you loads of time in the process!


  • 25 Templates
  • Editable in Canva & Illustrator
  • Fully Brandable (Change colors, text, images, layouts, etc.)
  • With Real Copy For Inspiration
  • Includes Invoice and Proposal Templates

What can I do with these templates?

  • Introduce your services to potential clients
  • Stand out from your competition
  • Show off your past work and testimonials
  • Build trust with a potential client
  • Show the reasons why someone should be working with you (without actually selling:)

How does it work?

After your purchase, you receive the package as a Zip File
Open the templates in Canva or Illustrator and add your own branding & content (real sample content is included for inspiration)
Export the kit as PDF files
Provide the PDF file to your incoming inquiries (save time explaining your core value proposition) which leads to a higher conversion rate.


If you have any questions or suggestions, please feel free to reach out via I usually respond within 24 hours!
You will get a ZIP (2MB) file

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