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2100+ Instagram Marketing Carousel BUNDLE

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Are you a marketer or social media manager struggling to create content for your Instagram account?

The Instagram Carousel Bundle is here to help! 🔥With 120+ days of ready-made content and pre-written captions🔥, you can save time and focus on other important tasks. (Oh, and you'll have access to free future updates! - The price will go up for other customers as new templates are added to the bundle!)

Imagine being able to create consistent and professional content for your (or your client's) social media without the stress of coming up with fresh ideas. The Instagram Carousel Bundle makes this a reality!

✅Here's the list of kits included in this bundle:

✅How are these templates different from all the others?

These are not your average social media templates... Why? Because they’re carefully crafted to cover your content needs for 120 days & they come with pre-written captions (100-400 words for each carousel). This is important because the longer someone spends time reading your post, the more your engagement metrics will rise (Instagram & other platforms measures that) and the higher you rank on the platform!

With this bundle, you can post a relevant marketing-related carousel for 120+ days straight and build 1) build a strong foundation for your social media account, 2) cement yourself as an industry expert with smart & thought-provoking posts 3) create quality content without the headache of coming up with new ideas.

✅Save Time and Money!

  • Think about how long it would take for you to design these templates yourself?
  • Now think about how long it would take you to write the captions for each one.

Both answers depend on your proficiency in design and writing, but let’s assume you’d hire a social media manager or a professional copywriter to write your captions. What do you think that would cost?

If we assume the average rate of 1000 words to be $50-70 (depending on the quality), then the captions alone that are included in this bundle would cost you (25000+ words) around $1250 - $1750!

✅Features and Details:

  • 4 Kits Included (30 Carousels in each one) + 35 Memes
  • Each Carousel Contains 6-7 Templates (You can duplicate/delete them as needed)
  • Contains Square Templates (1:1 Ratio) + Vertical (9:16 Ratio) for Reels/Stories
  • Covers 120+ Days of Quality Content
  • 1400+ Posts Total (30 Carousels x 4 Kits x 6-7 Posts x 2 Sizes)
  • 🔥Includes Pre-Written Captions for each carousel🔥
  • Caption Length: 100-400 Words
  • Longer Captions Can Be Used as a Basis for a Blog Post
  • Caption File Format: DOCX and PDF
  • Fully Editable and Brandable in Canva

✅What can you do with these templates?

Create relevant marketing content for any Instagram/Facebook account to establish it as an authority. All of the heavy lifting has been done for you!

✅Who are these templates meant for?

Marketing Experts, Online Marketers, Marketing Coaches, Social Media Managers, Business Coaches & anyone else looking to educate their audience on marketing.

✅Need help?

If you have any questions, feel free to reach out via


You will get a ZIP (140MB) file

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